Benefits of this platform:

- Highest traffic of all sites
- Make money on Ad revenue AND sales
- Covers chargebacks so you dont have to
- Optional  content protection and DMCA service. (Opting into this  also gives you an extra 5% on AD revenue)
- Keep 65% of your video SALES on ModelHub (80% minus 15% processing fee) 
- Keep 80% of your tips (95% minus 15% processing fee)
- Keep 80% of Fan Club subscription revenue
- User friendly interface



Highest traffic

of all sites!

Make money on

Ad revenue AND sales!!

Signing up for an account will only take you a few minutes!

There are 6 ways to make money on PornHub including:

- Make Ad revenue off of uploaded videos (similar to popular non-sexual video sites) 

- Upload pay to view content through the ModelHub Porgram.

- Upload "Fan only" content for dedicated fans who subscribe to your Fan Club!

- Make extra Ad revenue by making paid videos viewable to Pornhub Premium subscribers for a higher 

In order to start making money you will have to first sign up for the PornHub Model Program.

Effective username = "Jane Doe"
Ineffective username = "The_Real_JaneDoeXXX"

In order to sign up for an account you will need a valid e-mail address

and you will also have to create a username and a password. 

Your stage name is best to use as your username so that

your fans can find you easily when searching.

Below is a Step-by-step walk through of setting up a model account:

Step 1: Click HERE to Create and account or Copy & Paste

Step 2: Click on your profile picture in the top corner of the page, click "Become a model"

 You will then be prompted to upload a picture of you holding a piece of paper saying "[Your Username] on" 

After this, you will have to wait to receive your approval e-mail.

Only after receiving the e-mail stating that you've been approved

may you proceed to the next step.


Step 3: After receiving you're verification email-

Go to your profile, hover over the profile picture box and click on "edit image" to upload a profile picture...

(on mobile browser there's an image of a camera instead)

In order to be eligible for the Model Program, you must get verified by Pornhub Staff.

 Verification proves that you are real and that you are the one uploading your own videos.
Verification images must be submitted via the Verification Image Uploader

Click on your profile picture in the top corner of the page to open the sidebar menu and click "get verified".

You will be asked to upload TWO pieces of identification.

 And to fill out your legal contact information.
After this you will choose your preferred method of payment.


+If you are prompted to enter a "Reference code" Enter: 384768641

If your verification is denied, you will receive an e-mail from Pornhub support stating the reason why. You may then try and resend for verification, just make sure to fix any errors in your application first!