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Montreal Trip/First Grooby Shoot Together

May 23rd 2017

This is the story of our first ever Grooby shoot together for with @VeeSoho...

We had a long drive from Southern Ontario to Montreal, totaling about 6 hours.

Robin had never been to Quebec before and I had only gone to Quebec City for a few days on a school trip in grade 9 and it was absolutely beautiful, so we were really excited to get to explore!

Driving to Quebec for our very first Grooby shoot together!

We arrived in Montreal late that evening after hours or driving with The Midnight blaring on the radio to keep us awake. We ended up being super exhausted that night so we slept in the car.

We spent the next day exploring the city and we went out for lunch to a restaurant called "Burger de Ville".

The food was really good too, I would recommend it to anyone visiting!
I managed to sneak a picture of Robin without her noticing... Shes so cute!

Afterwards we attempted to find a nail shop so we could get our nails done so they looked nice the next day, but all of the shops were closed early, or prices were exorbitant compared to what we were expecting.

Eventually we found a place to get them done, but they ended up using gel polish instead of regular like we asked and overcharging us anyways but at least they looked great. 😅

Our First Picture in Montreal Together!

We rented a hotel room for the night so we could be ready bright and early on the 25th for our shoot. We had to drive around the block several times due to a lack of parking, but we found a spot eventually. Not without quite a bit of a walk involved for us with all of our luggage of course...

"Ah, Montreal...You really do have the best parking in all the land!"

The hotel room was the size of a large closet but we managed to get a decent night's sleep. Unfortunately we had a rude awakening in the morning when we discovered that there was no warm water to shower for our shoot, which kind of negated the point of us renting the room in the first place.

Took this amazing picture of Robin in the hotel room before she forced me to eat her pussy...

Slightly exhausted from the trip.

I still happily agreed....

We had a few party favours to help us relax and get some rest!

The next morning we had a short drive from the hotel to the location of the shoot, about half an hour or so.

Robin and I were so excited to finally be shooting together for Grooby, as we had only filmed our own content together up to this point.

We arrived and after a bit of last minute preparation and some paperwork we got to business.

The shoot went really well, we had a great time taking pictures and an even better time shooting the video. Vito is a wonderful photographer and it was easy working with Robin since we have natural chemistry as a couple!