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Sarina Havok

Robin Coffins



A relative newcomer to the TS scene but already a highly rated model. Sarina is an up and cumming rising star within the TS industry. She has worked for a few well-known websites including TwoTgirls, Tgirls porn and Canada-Tgirl.


Combining her classic beauty with an alternative gothic twist, Sarina oozes sexuality and a ‘hard-to-be’ beaten look within this industry. Having shot with her partner Robin Coffins and other transsexuals the sets that she has done have been popular with fans throughout the world. 


Within the movies shot and produced in conjunction with Robin she has proven to be versatile in the any role she plays as well as having a screen presence that excites the viewer and a sexuality that it natural and easy to fall in love with. Sarina keeps continuing to awe her fans being as happy and at ease on both sides of the camera. With an impecable eye for detail that anyone can see.

Her tattoos and piercings give her a distinctive look and these plus her well regarded and successful shoots to date have led to her being nominated for two awards in the 2018 TEA Awards: Miss Unique and Best New Face; this is sure to be the first of many nominations for this beautiful and alluring TS model!

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Robin is an internationally renowned gender fluid porn star and porn producer. She has fans in USA, Europe and around the world. Her dedication to her career means that she is now spending more time taking photos and videos.  

As a model she has done a number of professional shoots within the porn industry and has shown to be versatile and adaptable. She now produces films with her business and sexual partner Sarina Havok; and they are forging a niche in the mainstream and transsexual porn industry. In their films their chemistry, raw sexual energy and beauty are obvious for all to see.

The movies that she produces and stars in often have an artistic sense with a bent towards gothic / film noir themes which means they appeal to a wide range of fans including those looking for a different take on the usual pornographic films. She is just as comfortable behind the lense as she is in front of the screen. She uses her knowledge to edit and produce top class material for females and transsexuals alike. As such, she has come to really prove herself a true renaissance person by expanding her skills through all of the work she puts into the website she shares with Sarina.

As a result of her hard work, natural talent and beauty she has been deservedly nominated within the ‘Best Non-TS Female Performer of the Year’ category for the 2018 TEA awards.

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